TRNSYS Documentation

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Using Common Fortran Compilers with TRNSYS

This document is designed to get you started using either the Digital Visual Fortran 5.0 or Microsoft Fortran PowerStation 4.0 compiler to create a Dynamic Link Library project for use with TRNSYS.


Appendix I (Using TRNSHELL & TRNSED): Programmer's Guide to TRNSED
Appendix II (Using TRNSHELL & TRNSED): TRNSED Information Files
These documents make up the latest, combined TRNSHELL and TRNSED manual. The main body of the manual discusses the basic use of the TRNSHELL environment. Appendix I covers the topic of TRNSED programming, including many new features for making your TRNSED applications better looking and more functional than ever. Finally, Appendix II describes the composition of the TRNSED Information Files required by the Make TRNSED File utility of TRNSHELL.

Appendix II (of the Main TRNSYS Reference Manual)

This is the latest version of Appendix II of the Main TRNSYS Reference Manual (large red binder in the documentation set). This document describes, in a general way, the process of rebuilding the TRNSYS Fortran Dynamic Link Library (TRNLIB32.DLL) to include new or changed component model subroutines.

Converting TRNSYS from 32-bit to 16-bit

Although unsupported, users can recompile TRNSYS in a 16-bit version in order to use the MS Fortran 5.0 compiler.