Adding Windows to the Prebid/TRNSYS Library

Windows can be very important to the overall energy use of a building. The TRNSYS multizone building model contains a library of common window technologies which can be readliy selected using Prebid, the multizone building file preprocessor. The library does not contain a comprehensive list of window technologies. Instead of trying to anticipate user's needs with such a list, we have made it possible to use preexisting software whose sole purpose it is to generate detailed technical information about window technologies. Window 4.1 was written by the Windows and Daylighting Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs in 1994 and is available for free from the LBNL website.

The one downside to this capability is that Window 4.1 is a general program and is not meant solely for use with TRNSYS. Consequently, there is no information in the Window 4.1 manual concerning its use with TRNSYS. Instead, the SEL has written a tutorial on using Window 4.1 to add new window technologies to TRNSYS. The .pdf tutorial can be downloaded by clicking below.

download new_window tutorial