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Is there a type for "mixing tank" ?

Hello dear TRNSYS users,

happy new year 2004

I work on a geothermal heat pump system and I need a type which models a ?bouteille casse pression? in French or a ?mixing tank? in English (I have a doubt concerning the translation). It is a tank which has the characteristics following :
-       the storage volume is low (50 litres in my case)
-       there is not heating or cooling element
-       there is not mixing element
-       in my case there are 4 tubes on the source side (in other words 2 enters which are the source side and each enter has 2 tube)   and 2 tubes on the load side (for example these two tubes are connected on a water/water heat pump), have a look a these drawing :

I use Trnsys 15 with IISibat and I have had the TESS librairie

Is there anyone who know if there is a type answering my needs ??

Kind regards,

Valentin TRILLAT