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Re: Is there a type for "mixing tank" ?

Allow me to intervene.

A ?bouteille casse pression? (a bottle to break the pressure)
is usually inserted between a primary and a secondary
pumping system to hydraulically decouple both systems.
The most common term used in english is "common pipe"
(see for example ASHRAE handbook-2000, page12.12 fig. 23)
In other words it is not a "tank".
I think you should model the ?bouteille casse pression? as
a flow mixer similar to type 11d. Unfortunately type 11d has only
two entries and one outlet. But you could probably combine a few type 11d
to achieve what you want (.... or build your own TYPE)

Voila !


At 12:29 13/01/2004 -0600, you wrote:
At 01:12 PM 1/13/2004 +0100, you wrote:

I work on a geothermal heat pump system and I need a type which models a ?bouteille casse pression? in French or a ?mixing tank? in English (I have a doubt concerning the translation). It is a tank which has the characteristics following :
-       the storage volume is low (50 litres in my case)
-       there is not heating or cooling element
-       there is not mixing element
-       in my case there are 4 tubes on the source side (in other words 2 enters which are the source side and each enter has 2 tube)   and 2 tubes on the load side (for example these two tubes are connected on a water/water heat pump), have a look a these drawing :



We have written a new storage tank model (Similar to the type 524 which you probably have from our TESS library) which will allow you to study the tank you have described above.  This new model will be released with Version 16 of TRNSYS and Version 2 of the TESS libraries in May of 2004.  We could make the model available to you earlier if you have a need for it.  The model will come with source code, an example showing its use and a complete technical description of the model.  Let me know if you are interested.


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