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TRNSYS meeting - PLEASE register

Dear TRNSYS users (especially the French ones),

Please remember the deadline for submitting contributions to this year?s
TRNSYS meeting in Sophia Antipolis, France (March 8, 2004) :

January 31st, 2004 (TOMORROW).

We will with no doubt extend the deadline for submitting presentations a
little as ? unfortunately ? usual, knowing that most presentations are
usually received the night before the event :-( :-( :-(

However, please show some pity for the poor people organizing the event,
who hesitate each year between cancellation (one month before) and
renting the Nice football stadium (the day before) to have enough room
for everybody.

So please contact me if you plan to present something, or just attend.

If at this point you don?t know what on earth I?m talking about, please
look at
under ?French TRNSYS user meeting?.

Thanks in advance,

  /    \____ Werner Keilholz, Software Development Group Leader
  \____/     CSTB Sophia Antipolis, SAIL
  /    \____ s-mail: BP 209, 06904 SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS,  F R A N C E
  \____/     phone: +33 (0)4 93 95 67 00 -- fax: +33 (0)4 93 95 67 33
  /    \____ Mailto:werner@xxxxxxx -- ASPAM=antispamwpk42
  \____/     http://evl.cstb.fr/english/team/WK/werner.htm

***   TRNSYS presale has started !!!
http://software.cstb.fr/soft/trnsys16_fr.asp   ***