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Re: Thermosyphon solar water heater


Currently I’m simulating thermosyphon solar water heater for Malaysia, using *Type45a.*

In this component, the parameter number 8 *(number of parallel collector risers)* the maximum value is 10. I want to use more than this value, would you please guide me.

There is a trick in IISiBat that allows you to enter values outside the intended range: you have to set the units for that parameter to "string", and IISiBat then lets you enter any numerical value or string.

Please note, however, that in most cases using values outside the intended range will cause problems. You could go beyond the limits of an array, for example, and get the famous "range check error"...

In the case of Type45a, I did not see any indication in the code that using, say, 12 risers will cause problems. But I would definitely do some testing and compare the obtained results with 10 and x risers, where x is the number you want to use. You may also find out that the results are exactly the same!

2-what is parameter number12* (number of collector nodes)?*

The collector is discretized to calculate the thermal head. The discretization uses N nodes, where N is parameter 12.

I hope this helps,

Michaël Kummert

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