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Re: Weather data from Osnabrück (Germany)

Quoting Susanna Medel <susanna.medel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Hi Susanna,

best might be to ask the colleagues at ISFH in Hameln, they have measured data 
both from Hannover and Hameln. Contact: Francisco Pujiula 05151-999524 
(f.pujiula@xxxxxxx) or Henning Köln 05151-999522 (h.koeln@xxxxxxx)

Good luck,
Rainer Tepe
Büro für Wärmetechnik

> Dear users,
> I am looking for the weather data from Osnabrück, Germany, or any other city
> by the near (Münster, Hannover..). Basically solar radiation, ambient
> temperature and humidity (if possible) every hour for one year. If someone
> could give me it or tell me where can I find this data, it would be really
> helpful.
> Thank you very much in advance for your help.
> Susanna Medel