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WG: Active layer

dear Prapapong Vangtook,
QALTL   <> 0 during daytime makes sense, since you operate your active layer during nite time only
QCOMI  < 0
Since QCOMI is the energy from inside surface incl. conv to the air and I-wave radiation to other surfaces; as long as this surface absorbs heat
-> QCOMI <0 is correct. I assume your active wall has enough thermal storage. Why shouldn't this make sense?
Hope this helps.
matthias rudolph
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Betreff: Active layer

Dear TRNSYS users,

I got some problem about output of a active layer. A simulation is run by case of running
active layer in night time and stop in day time.
The results QALTL (total energy input by fluid+gains of active layers to zone) is zero in
daytime but QCOMI (energy from inside surface incl, conv to the air and I-wave radiation to
other surfaces) is still get minus value (-300 kJ/hr). otherwise in night time, QALTL is 1038
kJ/hr and QCOMI is -350 kJ/hr too. It can not possible because on day time the room air is
vary hot (35 C) and also vary high of solar radiation on the external wall. Please explain this

Best Regards,
Prapapong Vangtook