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Reminder: TRNSYS Users day + TRNSYS 16 Course in Liège

Dear TRNSYS users,

The next TRNSYS users day will take place in Liège (Belgium) on July 5-7. The meeting will start with the latest news from the developers and presentations from users, and continue with a TRNSYS training course and workshops (introduction to TRNSYS 16 and more "advanced" sessions on some topics, mainly in building simulation). The course will be taught by Philippe André, Christophe Adam (from the University of Liège) and myself.

You can find some details and the registration information at:
(follow the link to EES-TRNSYS 2004 in the upper left corner)

As usual, people seem to wait the until the last minute to register. If you intend to come, please let the organizers know, so they can schedule the presentations and organize the workshops. Please send your proposals for presentations and ideas for workshops to Philippe André (p.andre@xxxxxxxxx).

I am looking forward to seeing you in Liège,

Michaël Kummert


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