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Re: [TRNSYS-users] TYPE 62 and Compiler


I would like to work with the TYPE 62 component (TRNSYS to Excel Interface).
I don't have a compiler at the moment. Is it possible to install this component properly without having a compiler?

You need a compiler in order to add the component to your TRNSYS library (link it to the other components in TRNLib.dll). Some distributors sometimes offer the service of recompiling a DLL for you, depending on your maintenance contract with them. You should check with your distributor if you think that is the only use you will ever have for a compiler (keep in mind that TRNSYS 16 will NOT require a compiler anymore to add new components, thanks to the multi-DLL architecture)

A second question is about the Fortran compiler:
Which currently available compiler is worth to buy it in order to work with TRNSYS and Hydrogems? I heard, that the Compac Compiler isn't available any more...

The Intel Visual Fortran compiler (version 8.0) is the recommended compiler for users who have to purchase a new compiler. Users who already have the Compaq Visual Fortran compiler are advised to keep using it.

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