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Re: [TRNSYS-users] Invalid floating point operation with TYPE56

I am getting an 'Invalid floating point operation' error on a project with TYPE 56 ( still TRNSYS15...). The building has 18 thermal zones. Everything goes OK evaluating heating loads, but as soon as I try to manage the cooling loads (Ntype31) within IISiBat together with the heating demands (NType30) the 'Invalid floating point operation' aborts the simulation at the very beguining. Since I had no problem with buildings involving less thermal zones, and I really can not track the origin of the error (no reported in list file), I was wondering whether there was a limit of outputs to be managed by TYPE56+IISiBat. Any hint?

I dont't think a limit on the number of outputs would generate a floating point error (more likely a range check error). One thing that might happen is that to calculate some outputs Type 56 calls some additional subroutines that cause the problem (this is assuming the only difference between a project that crashes and a project that doesn't is the outputs you have selected).
I remember some initialization problems in Type 56, you could try changing the initial values (T and RH) in the BUI file, and you could also try to change the Fortran configuration (Debug vs. Release) since some of those bugs only affected one configuration.
Here again, all such known issues are fixed, which means that you should send your project to your distributor if you are using the latest release.

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