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Re: [TRNSYS-users] PV with PCM

As I was searching internet for a TRNSYS type for PCM in the back side of a PV I found this web site


Do you know if this kind of type exists or the theory that cover this kind of type. Thank you very much.

Unfortunately, I was not able to locate the source code of that Type. It seems to be an early variant of what is now Type 180 (in HYDROGEMS, which is now part of the standard library in TRNSYS 16) where the equation for Tc, the cell temperature, is modified to take PCM's into account.
The equation for Tc can be easily identified in Type 180, so I assume it would be possible to take PCM's in consideration without too much effort by modifying that equation. Or may be someone on this list still has a copy of that component with the PCM's in it, in which case I would be pleased to add it to the TRNLIB section...

Kind regards,

Michaël Kummert


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