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Re: [TRNSYS-users] building TRNDLL.dll

Vitte Thibaut wrote:

I want to rebuild TRNDLL.dll, because I want to add a type of my own. I use
Intel fortran 8.1.019 with MS Visual Studio.NET 2003 7.1. I have opened the profect file "Ivf81-MVS2OO3" and when I rebuild the solution,
there are warnings about "locally defined symbols" that I assume to be normal,
but there are also numerous errors, typically

TRNDll  error LNK2019: external symbol non resolved
TRNDll  error LNK2001: exrenal symbole non resolved

The dll isn't created. The PDF file "progammersguide" tells that there is
nothing to do except to load the solution and to generate the dll in order to
compile TRNSYS...

The Intel compiler is not fully supported in the current release of TRNSYS 16 (we actually have most problems at runtime, not when compiling or linking the project). Until we find a solution to those problems, you can use the Intel compiler to add Types to TRNSYS by compiling and linking them into an external DLL that you put in the \UserLib folder. There is no need to recompile TRNDll.dll if your only purpose is to add Types.

Kind regards,

Michaël Kummert


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