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Re: [TRNSYS-users] TRNLIB problem(AMENDMENT)

  The TRNSYS components available in the online TRNLIB resource are supplied as
Fortran source code and in most cases, with some documentation as well. In
order to use these components, you need to have access to a Fortran compiler
capable of building a 32 bit Dynamic Link Library. Using that compiler, you
need to compile and link the entire contents of the \trnsys15\kernal and
\trnsys15\Types directories including the newly downloaded component to create
a new trnlib.dll file. Instructions and an example workspace are provided for
the Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6 compiler. The workspace can be found in the
\trnsys15\workspace directory. Instructions appear at the end of the main
manual chapter 3 and online at the web site http://sel.me.wisc.edu/trnsys by
following the Fotran link.

Quoting Logan Wong <hkutrnsys@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Dear All,
> I am new for the trnsys and I got some problem for the new component in
> I found that the TRNLIB which under www.trnsys.com with a component seen
> suitable for me but I don't know how to work with it in trnsys 15 because the
> downloaded file is in FORTRAN format. Did I need to compile it by FORTRAN or
> there has a compiler in trnsys? How can I use the download component in
> trnsys?
> Thanks.
> Logan
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