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[TRNSYS-users] Type 28 a,b,c,d

Dear All,


Type 28 has 4 options:

2 for “Results for external file” – Type 28 a & c

2 for “Results for listing file” – Type 28 c & d


I want to use Type 28 a (Include Energy Balance) so that I can save the results to an external file. However, everytime I change Operation code 1 from default value of 0 (zero) to a positive value, it does not change ! The same thing happens when I change other operation codes from 0 (zero) to a positive value !!! No problem when I used 28c, but the results are in the listing file.


Of course I can “solve” this problem by using TRNSHELL but I used to work with IISiBat !


I’m using IISiBat 3 with TRNSYS 15.


I appreacite your help.



Edward Halawa

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