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Re: [TRNSYS-users] error type 23


Yes, it is originally the same problem I am trying to fix. I carroected the ".tpf" error. I also replaced the daysim variable in the data reader for the logical unit number and I stil have those 8 errors.
Can Geoffrey send you a zip file with our files ?

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A 23:05 17/03/2005 -0600, Michaël Kummert a écrit :

Running a simulation, I receive 8 type 23 error messages. They are caused, I think, by equations. Is there a way to find in which ones there is a problem (I have 135 equations in my deck...) ? Or can you give some clues about the kind of problem could cause that type of error ?

This looks very much like the mysterious "TPF which is a deck" from Geoffrey. Please see my answer to his question:

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