TRNSYS - Excel link example

Note: Before running this example, you should modify your TRNSYS DLL to include Type62, as described in the Type62 manual.

This simple example illustrate the use of 2 Type62 units in a simulation. Outputs from the two units are simply plotted in the online plotter.

Simulation parameters

Excel workbooks

First unit: Schedule.xls

Schedule.xls includes 3 cells for which a name has been defined: Input1, Output1 and Output2. Both outputs are calculated using the VLOOKUP function

Second unit: Type155-efficiency plot

MousePos.xls only defines one input and one output. It uses a Visual Basic macro to get the mouse position. The macro can be viewed by pressing ALT-F11.


An example of the online plotter is shown in the figure here below. The "MousePos" variable will vary according to the position of the mouse during the simulation.

Example results


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