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F-CHART is the authoritative solar system analysis and design program written by S.A. Klein and W.A. Beckman, the originators of the F-Chart method.

Collector Types

  • Flat-Plates
  • Evacuated Types
  • CPC's
  • 1 and 2-Axis Tracking

System Types

  • Water Storage Heating
  • Pebble Bed Storage Heating
  • Building Storage Heating
  • Domestic Water Heating
  • Integral Collector-Storage DHW
  • Indoor and Outdoor Pool Heating
  • Passive Direct-Gain
  • Passive Collector-Storage Wall


  • Life-cycle economics with cash flow
  • Weather data for over 300 locations
  • Weather data can be added
  • Monthly parameter variation
  • 2-D incidence angle modifiers
  • English and SI units
  • Approved for use in California


Click here to get more information, ordering information and downloadable demonstrations for F-CHART.

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