To download the TRNSYS demo of ground source heat pump applications follow the instructions listed below. This demo is for Microsoft Windows 3.1, 95 or NT users only with 8 MB of free hard disk space.

Download the compressed demo installation program to your hard disk by clicking here, and saving to a temporary folder on your hard drive.
From the program manager in Windows, run the file "runme.exe" that you just downloaded. The program will self-extract.
From the program manager in Windows, run the file "setup.exe" which has just been placed in the temporary folder by the expansionof the runme.exe file.
Being sure to place the TRNSYS demo in the \TRNWIN directory, follow the installation instruction to install the demo software.
When the installation is complete, locate the folder called "TRNSYS Demonstration". Double click on the "TRNDEMO" icon in this folder to launch the TRNSED program.
Choose the file HPDEMO.TRD from the list of files that appears after clearing the about dialog box.
Change some of the parameters and run the TRNSYS calculations by choosing the "Calculate" option located under the "TRNSYS" menu.
The TRNSYS program will be loaded into memory and the calculations will begin. Refer to the output section for details on manipulating the TRNSYS plot and results.