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RE: [TRNSYS-users] Error TRNSYs --> Excel

Hi Valentin,

Multiplication by 100000 is neither a TRNSYS nor an Excel error, but due to 
the use of a different decimal separator (either ". " or "," ).
One possible solution is using the Excel import wizard, importing the 
numbers as 'text' and replacing the decimal separator afterwards.
You can find some e-mails about this subject in the mail-archive too.

regards, Arie

-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van:	Valentin GAVAN [SMTP:valentin_gavan@xxxxxxxxx]
Verzonden:	dinsdag 15 maart 2005 6:54
Aan:	trnsys-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Onderwerp:	[TRNSYS-users] Error TRNSYs --> Excel

Hello to all TRNSYS users,

I am using the TRNSYS 15 version and I found an error. I tried to extract 
the simulation values in Excel using Type 25c but opening the worksheet all 
the values were multiplied by 100000, including Time values.

On other computer, the same version extracts same values correctly.

Please give me a solution to this problem.

Valentin GAVAN,

University of Technical Engineering, Bucarest, ROMANIA

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