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Type 16a a bit better but...

Title: Messaggio
Hi to all,
Maybe  I understand: type 16a output is in KJ/hr m2, with monthly data of radiation, as daylight decreases the specific radiation increases since the total per day must be constant...so with monthly data in the first part of the year specific radiation is approximately overestimated in the first part of a month and underestimated in the second one (viceversa in the second part of the year).
More over, having a look to the equations of type 16 the peaks seem due to trigonometric relationships connected to the orientation of the surface and the position of the sun.
If it is so, questions now are:
- How to control these peaks?
- How big is the influence during simulation with type 56 Multi Zone Building? Actually it doesn't seem to be neglictible... every month Solar Rad Processor output has a trend which is reasonable more or less the opposite of the one of real radiation data from which mean values were calculated!...
Waiting for suggestions...
Kind regards
Pietro Filippi
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