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Re: weird energy demand


I wanted to test the infuence (weight) of several building parameters of a generic building on its annual energy demand (Heating, Cooling, Humidification and Dehumidification) using IIsibat and T56 Multi Zone Building.
I explained the details in the attached file. I just say that main problems arrive as I set a scheduled Cooling...
As weather file I used a typical year for Milan generated by Meteonorm 4.0
I hope somebody can reply givin' useful hints...

Unfortunately I think you are giving us too few details and asking too many questions at the same time. I suggest that you try to isolate the problems: 1st the difference in dehumidification between the West zone and the other ones, 2ndly the heating demand in summer (which could be normal), etc.
You could also try to show the problem in simpler cases (short periods, constant weather, no internal gains, no windows, etc.
There are many possible causes for what you are seeing, and I would bet that you will find the reason of most problems by yourself if you simplify your model and tackle the problems one at a time. You could also try another TMY2 file for a quick check.

If you are unable to find a solution, you can also send your input files (again, preferably simplified) to your distributor, since it is not always easy to guess what's happening from a few screenshots of the online plotter.

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Michaël Kummert

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