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Re: [TRNSYS-users] cnfgtr


I am trying to install TRNSYS on a laptop (running under Window 2000 professional). When trying to run Tnsys from IIsiBat, it reports an "error 1" which should come from the cnfgtr file.
I copied that one from my personal computer (on which everything runs fine). Can somedy help me with that problem ?

Error 1 is most often an indication that TRNSYS could not find the deck file, which happens if it is installed in a folder with spaces in the name (such as "C:\Program Files") or if the deck itself is in a folder with spaces (e.g. "My Projects"). TRNSYS 15 is NOT compatible with spaces and MUST be installed in X:\Trnsys15, where X is any drive.

By the way, where should this file be located ? I have a few of them in various directories...

You only need one cnfgtr.trn file, which should be in X:\Trnsys15. Some releases of Trnsys 15 had a tendency to create empty cnfgtr.trn files in your deck directory, and sometimes you also have non-empty files in your deck directory. You can safely erase all of them (except the one in X:\trnsys15), but you can also leave them if you use the latest update: that one will simply ignore corrupt or empty cnfgtr.trn files.

I hope this helps,

Michaël Kummert


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