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Re: [TRNSYS-users] Where is TRNSYS 16???

Dear TRNSYS users,

TRNSYS 16 beta testing started in early September and is coming to an end. 50 users (in addition to the developers and distributors) were invited to participate.

The distributors are currently testing the first release candidate and we are fixing the last few problems. The first release should be shipped to users in the next few days. We did not announce it because we wanted the 3rd announcement to say "it's there" and not "it will be there soon".

Please note that printed manuals will not be available until the first update. Discrepancies between the manuals and the program have been plaguing TRNSYS 15 and we want to avoid that problem in TRNSYS 16, so the first release will ship with online manuals only. The online documentation set consists of 9 PDF manuals, fully searchable individually and through a main index.

I am glad to inform you that no "failed to save" has been reported during beta-testing of the TRNSYS Simulation Studio, and that TRNSYS 16 comes with an example file for Type 68 and Type 90 (which now includes the modifications introduced in Type 190). It also includes a fix for Type 60's problems, so it seems that we have addressed all recent complaints to this list. This comes in addition to the numerous enhancements that we announced earlier. TRNSYS 16 also comes with a separate setup program that will optionally install up to 1.5GB of weather data covering all regions in the world.

Even better, TRNSYS 16 comes with the same support as TRNSYS 15, which means that you will be able to "vent your frustration" on your distributors and this list, and that we will work hard to fix any problem that you might (will? ;-)) encounter with the new release.

Thank you for your patience, and I am looking forward to reading your first comments on TRNSYS 16 in a few days!

Michaël Kummert

Concerning the Fortran compiler: Both Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6 (CVF) and Intel Visual Fortran (IVF) are fully supported to create and add new components to TRNSYS 16. Actually any Windows compiler able to generate a DLL (from any programming language) is supported, thanks to the multi-dll architecture.
If you own CVF, we recommend that you keep using it, since the IVF compiler still suffers from various problems, especially when it comes to porting applications that were developed with earlier Fortran compilers. IVF also takes much longer to compile any serious project and generates DLL's that can be twice as big as CVF. If you have to purchase a new compiler, then we recommend IVF.

George Kyriakarakos wrote:

Dear Sirs,
Where is TRNSYS 16? It was supposed to be out last spring it got delayed for september and still is missing in action. Can we have an estimation on how much longer it will take before it actually gets shipped to us? Also one more question is which Visual Fortran you propose we should use with the upcoming version.
Thank you in advance,

George Kyriakarakos
George Kyriakarakos, Agricultural Engineer
Agricultural University of Athens,
Dept. of Natural Resources and Agricultural Engineering
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e-mail: <gk@xxxxxx>
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