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Re: [TRNSYS-users] Type 68 (shading mask)


I have in the TRNSYS version of my University the type 68 (the shading mask) but there isn't its description in the reference manual (!!) and its informations in the Fortran file are insufficient.
I'M NOT SURE HOW TO USE IT. Can anyone explain it?
Is there an example of external file?

The manual section on Type68 was added after most manuals were shipped (I am not sure Type 68 was in the original release of TRNSYS 15). I attached a PDF version to this message.
I also attached an example using Type68 (IISiBat project + external file with comments in it). It has 2 orientations with different obstruction profiles and it uses equations to input the solar angles to show the effect of shading.
Please note that the values entered for radiation and angles through the equations are not physical, i.e. you can have incident radiation from the East on a West-facing wall. This would not happen if you connect Type68 to Type 16, of course. The point of this example is to have the azimuth angle and the solar altitude angle vary accross the whole range, with a constant radiation, to illustrate the effect of shading by masks.

I hope this helps,

Michaël Kummert


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