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Re: [TRNSYS-users] Optimization

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Is it possible to import optimization subroutine developed in fortran to ISSiBAT envionment like other user modeled subroutines. Or otherwise, is there any modules available for optimization in TRNSYS, if so from where to get one. Please help.

Perfect timing on this question as we have just finished readying TRNOPT for Version 16 of TRNSYS. TRNOPT is an interface program that allows TRNSYS users to quickly and easily utilize the GENOPT optimization tool to optimize combinations of continuous and discrete variables. GenOpt is a powerful optimization algorithm written by LBNL that we have used successfully for the past couple of years in our studies. However, getting it to work properly with TRNSYS can be pretty tricky. We're written TRNOPT to overcome this barrier. TRNOPT scans your TRNSYS input file (either outside of or from within the new Simulation Studio (IISiBat) using the new PlugIn feature) and allows uses to choose TRNSYS variables to be used in the optimization process. The user specifies the initial guess for the variables, the range of the variables, the optimization method, and the error function (either a TRNSYS equation or output from a component). The TRNOPT program then creates the required template and configuration files, calls GenOpt and the optimization process is begun. I've attached a few screen captures from the program and from the included example.

TRNOPT is available from TESS as an add-on library for TRNSYS 16; we now have 12 of these libraries of component models with complete technical documentation available. Some information on our libraries may be found on the TRNSYS.com web site. Otherwise we can send you a PDF document describing each of the libraries and the models they contain.

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