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[TRNSYS-users] TRNSYS Job opportunity at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

[ Apologies for cross-posting ]

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Solar Energy Lab is accepting
applications for a full-time position with the TRNSYS group here in
Madison, Wisconsin. This person would be the primary TRNSYS engineer at the Solar Energy Lab. The job description follows.
The position is open now and applications will be evaluated as they
arrive. If you are interested or want further clarification of the
position, please email your resume and references to Professor W.A. Beckman, Director of the Solar Energy Lab (beckman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx), and to Michaël Kummert, TRNSYS Coordinator (kummert@xxxxxxxxxxxxx).

JOB DESCRIPTION ---------------

Experience with computer programming.
Background in mechanical engineering, physics or computer science.
General knowledge of energy systems required.
Excellent communication skills, both written and oral.
Hard-working, self-starting individual excited about contributing to
renewable and energy efficiency field.

Advanced degree in mechanical engineering, physics or computer science.
Experience with FORTRAN or other programming languages
Experience with TRNSYS or another energy simulation program (e.g. DOE2,
EnergyPlus, EPS-r, etc.) highly desirable.
General knowledge of solar energy applications, building physics, HVAC
equipment operation is desirable.
The ideal candidate will have at least one year of experience in
computer simulation of thermal systems.

The primary duty is the continued development and support of TRNSYS
program, developed by the Solar Energy Laboratory in collaboration with
CSTB in France, TRANSSOLAR in Germany and TESS in the US. The program
has over 600 licenses in use and is sold by 10 international
distributors. The program has been sold since 1975 and is now in version
16. See http://sel.me.wisc.edu/trnsys for further explanation of current
This includes:
- Communication and project coordination with an international group of
  TRNSYS distributors and contributors
- Support for the international user base
- Routine maintenance and upkeep of the program
- Developing component models and writing component sub-routines
- Improving TRNSYS educational programs and teaching TRNSYS training
- Attending international conferences related to building/solar
  simulation programs, as well as international TRNSYS users

Maintenance of SEL Computing Capabilities (~ 15-25 Windows computers)
- Continued development and maintenance of the SEL website
- System management for computers, hardware and software.

- Competitive salary, scaled with applicants background/skills.
- University employee with excellent health, vacation and retirement
- Madison, Wisconsin is ranked one of most livable cities in the US.

-- _________________________________________________________

Michaël Kummert - TRNSYS Coordinator

Solar Energy Laboratory - University of Wisconsin-Madison
1303 Engr Res Bldg, 1500 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Tel: +1 (608) 263-1589
Fax: +1 (608) 262-8464
E-mail: kummert@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

SEL Web Site: http://sel.me.wisc.edu
TRNSYS Web Site: http://sel.me.wisc.edu/trnsys
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