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Re: [TRNSYS-users] how to make Trnsys read...

together with a collegue we modified type 36 and we compiled it. we susptituted its compiled files in the folder TYPES but trnsys engine seems no to read the new files. We know we are wrong but we don't know where...

I think you may be skipping the link process. After all Types and kernel routines are compiled into .obj files, they need to be linked together to form a DLL (TRNDll.dll in TRNSYS 16, TRNLib.dll in TRNSYS 15). If you are using the CVF compiler the easier way is to use the workspace included in the distribution and rebuild the DLL (F7). The time stamp of the DLL should have changed after that.

Also, please note that if you use TRNSYS 16, it may be safer and more convenient in the long run to create a modified copy of Type 36 (say Type 236) which you would compile into a separate DLL. This will make it easier for you to share the Type with other users and it will also make TRNSYS updates easier to apply.
Volume 8 of the documentation has instructions to create a new component and compile it into an external DLL.

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