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Re: [TRNSYS-users] Using strings in new components

I am having trouble using string type parameters in my components. The
components work fine when the string type variables are set to numerical
values, however as soon as I set one to a non-numerical value I get 3 errors
when I try to run a simulation. The resulting list file is attached.

The list file stops at a string variable that it cannot understand but without the deck it is hard to understand where the problem really is.
If you do not want to send your deck to the list for confidentiality reasons, you can always contact your distributor.
I am not even sure I understand what string variable you are talking about, is it something like:
- define an equation with AColl = 1.0
- In a solar collector, set parameter 1 to string (in the studio) and
type "AColl"

Or are you trying to pass strings to your Type (which requires you to use labels and is a completely different story, you can check Type 155 for an example of how a filename is passed to the component).

Kind regards,

Michaël Kummert

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