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Re: [TRNSYS-users] error 23


As Werner noted, the ".TPF" file you sent is actually a deck file and we cannot run that deck file.

The only strange thing I could find by looking at the deck (actually importing it in the Studio) is that you apparently assigned a variable defined in an equation (DAYSIM) to the logical unit of a data reader (Lux).
Logical units cannot be defined in equations, and in TRNSYS 16 you actually do not need to care at all about them if you are using the Studio. A unique number will be assigned to each logical unit when you drag a new component to the project or when you paste it. Now that you have changed that value, the easiest way to force the studio to reassign a unique identifier is to set it to 30 and then replace the component with itself (so you don't have to redo all connections).

If this is enough to fix your problem, then please send me a zip file with all the files required to run the project, so we can improve error detection in similar cases.

Kind regards,

Michaël Kummert


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