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TRNSYS Email List (

The Solar Energy Lab has set up an email list to help TRNSYS users communicate with each other.  Anyone in the group can submit a message, question, etc. to the list and the message will be automatically forwarded to everyone on the list. We hope this will provide a forum for additional technical support from other users, a chance to share user-written components, and express special needs for simulation programs. 

Two archives of the mailing list are now available:

  • The first one is an instantaneous archive in text-mode only (attachments are not saved and HTML- or Rich-text formatting is lost). You can find the archive at:
  • The second archive can be accessed here below. It is usually updated every few months. All messages are available with their original formatting and attachments.


Mailing List instructions


To subscribe to the TRNSYS email list, go to the TRNSYS-users mailing list info page and follow the instructions:

Unsubscribe / Change your options

Go to the TRNSYS-users mailing list info page and follow the instructions:
Hint: To login and change your options or unsubscribe, scroll to the very bottom of the page and enter your email address in the last input field

Send emails

To send emails to the list, use this address:


TRNSYS-users Archive

Emails that are sent to the mailing list are archived. To view the archives, you may visit the TRNSYS-Users Mailing List Archive.

To search the archives, you may use the search function on the support site.

Emails sent to the TRNSYS Mailing List between January 1999 and March 2005 have been archived.
You can browse them by date, by thread or by author.

1999-2002 2003 2004 2005 (January-March)
by Date by Date by Date by Date
by Thread by Thread by Thread by Thread
by Author by Author by Author by Author

You can also download the whole mailing list archive as one zip file. Uncompress the zip file to your hard drive and it will re-create this section of the website.





TRNSYS Mailing list archive, Jan 1999 to Mar 2005 2005-03-30

32 MB


Other mailing lists

There is also an email list that is concerned with building simulation tools in general (including TRNSYS).

You can get more information at their website:

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