Downloadable TRNSYS demos

TRNSYS 15 evaluation version

This demo version features TRNSYS15, IISiBat, and PREBID. It allows you to explore all standard TRNSYS component models via the IISiBat user interface, which is part of TRNSYS.  Several example projects are also included. 

Limitations: This demo will not allow you to save files.

Installation: Run the executable Setup file and read the instructions in the Readme.txt file that will be installed in the destination folder.

Download: Click here to download the TRNSYS 15 with IISiBat Demo (14.1 MB)

Example applications

Solar Combisystems - Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Power System

These applications are based on TRNSYS 15. Any TRNSYS user can create distributable applications using TRNSED. The 2 examples here below (Solar Combisystems and Hydrogen Power System) demonstrate the capabilities of TRNSYS but also the capabilities of TRNSED.


To install the program (CombiSys or H2Demo), run the executable file (CombiSys.exe or H2Demo.exe). It will unzip all required files.

You can select any destination folder without blanks in the pathname (e.g. C:\TrnsysDemo). The installation program will create a "CombiSys" or "H2Demo" subfolder so both demos can share the same installation folder.

Running the demos

Go to the appropriate folder and run Trnsed.exe. Click OK to close the "About" box.

Open the .TRD file (CombiSys.trd or H2Demo.trd).

You can modify various system options which should be self-explanatory. Help is available by clicking on the question marks. Each Demo will optionally display online plots during the simulation. You can zoom in plots by selecting rectangles with the mouse.

Each Demo also has a "View Simulation results" icon at the bottom of the file. Click on that icon to open an HTML file with the simulation results.

You can run the system by either pressing the F8 key or by choosing “Calculate” from the TRNSYS menu.

Note on browser cache:The demos rely on your browser to display help and simulation results. Some browsers are known to have problems with their cache, which sometimes causes you to display an old file or an old graph instead of the new one. Pressing the "Refresh" / "Reload" button is sometimes not enough to actually refresh the page and all included pictures. Mozilla/Netscape users can press the SHIFT key when they click on "Reload" to force a reload of pictures. In all browsers, clearing the cache is a last option when you suspect that the browser is refusing to display an updated graph.



File (click to download)


Solar Combisystems


9.8 MB

Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Power System


17 MB

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