TRNSYS 14.2 Demonstrations Available for Download

To get started with any of these sample TRNSED applications, download the on-line help for the TRNSED program in the file trnsed.hlp! Just run the executable file trnsed.hlp on your Windows computer to learn about using TRNSED.

Try several examples of TRNSYS simulations executed from the TRNSED environment by downloading the file TRNDEMO.EXE. This demonstration package is provided as a 32-bit self-extracting, self-installing executable. To install and run these simulations, you must have an PC (486 or higher) running Windows 95/98, 2000 or Windows NT 4.0, at least 8 MB RAM, at least 10 MB of free hard disk space, and a VGA or SVGA monitor. This package of TRNSYS simulations includes the following and more:

Several other demonstrations are available for downloading separately. Try the following examples: