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Weather Data

Most transient thermal simulations require weather data. The Solar Energy Lab has collected weather data in various formats and is making it available to the simulation community. The TRNSYS simulation program, developed by the Solar Energy Lab, is capable of accepting many forms of weather data including the following. Clicking on the links below will bring you to both the data and descriptions of each type.

1) Monthly Average Data

2) Standard TMY (Typical Meteorological Year)

3) TMY2 Data

4) Generated Hourly Weather Files

Here are some links to other sites with weather information

Current Madison, WI forecast from Wisc-TV
Interactive US Weather Map
National Climatic Data Center
U.S. Department of Energy (Solar Energy Technology)
NSF Geosciences Unidata
SolarGIS Database
Meteorological Data Source Comparison
UCSD Scripps Climate Research Division
University of Hawaii Weather Server
University of Oregon Solar Monitoring Laboratory
Weather Analytics

Solar Energy Resource Maps from NREL:
Map of US Daily Direct Solar Radiation 1961-1990

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