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TRNSYS 16 Tutorials and Examples

This page provides a number of downloadable archives which contain useful TRNSYS tutorials and examples to help new users become familiar with TRNSYS, to help experienced users use a particular Type, and to familiarize everybody with new TRNSYS features. The list below will grow with time so check back periodically to see what's been added

Creating an external DLL with Intel Visual Fortran (IVF 10.1 or IVF 11)? Please use the following IVF project solution, Extract the compressed folder in the ".\Compilers" TRNSYS directory and open the "Ivf10.1.sln". TRNSYS source code files may be added and then compiled to create MyType.dll in the proper directory.

Temperature Level Control from Energy Rate Control , using the TRNSYS 16 Restaurant Example

Simulating shading from far-away objects, overhangs and wingwalls, using Type67 and Type34

Adding New Window Technologies to TRNBuild and TRNSYS16 using LBNL's Window 5.x software

Adding New Window Technologies to Prebid and TRNSYS using LBNL's Window 4.1 software

Recompiling TRNSYS as a platform independent executable

Recompiling TRNSYS 15 using the PowerStation 4.0 Fortran Compiler - PowerStation 4.0 does not support a number of TRNSYS 15 features. Here you will find instrictions for removing those features from TRNSYS 15 so that it will compile.

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