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RE: schedule

Hi Pietro,

There's really nothing fancy about multiplication factors and schedules 
that you do not understand.
You are free to use any schedule with any multiplication factor, as long as 
the resulting gain (schedule*multiplication factor) matches your 
requirements. The input screen just offers you a lot of flexibility, which 
is usually not needed, except for very complicated projects.

As for the gains Persons, Computer and Lights, they provide default values, 
which is very useful if you don't have specific data available about total 
gain, the convective part, or the amount of sensible and latent heat etc. 
The default gain for "Persons" for example is based on either a table with 
the European standard (ISO 7730) or the German standard (VDI 2078), but 
different countries may require different standards. In that case you may 
use the non-default "Other gains" window, but then you have to be very sure 
about your input values.
Again, the "Gains" input window just offers you a lot of flexibility.

Regards, Arie.

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Van:	Pietro Filippi [SMTP:P.Filippi@xxxxxxxxxx]
Verzonden:	dinsdag 20 april 2004 18:05
Aan:	TRNSYS mailnglist
Onderwerp:	schedule

Hi to all,

I had a look through the example "restaurant" in trnsys15. in Prebid
schedules I noticed that the gain "people" is: 5*CUSTOMERS, which is a
schedule composed by a WEEKDAY schedule where its hourly value is
different from 1 or 0 (as usually happens) but is 5, 10...etc, as
specifying the number of persons present at a certain time. Why using
the multiplication factor? Why not setting it entering the right number
of person directly using a mult fact =1? ( Is there an use of mult fact
I don't understand?...)

One more thing:

In the Prebid there is no example in which the gain lights, people an
computers are used as available in their "windows". They were always
used in the section "other gains" (named "people, lights, etc..."). Why?
Is there anything wrong with the dedicated window or is it indifferent
to use one or an other?


Pietro Filippi

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