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Re: sensitivity analysis

At 04:01 PM 5/3/2004 +0200, you wrote:

I am trying to perform a sensitivity analysis to identify the parameter to which indoor air Tª  is most sensitive. I am specially interested in a number of particular parameters. Is there any capability implemented in TRNSYS, which could help to develop this kind of analysis.


There isn't a built-in sensitivity analysis inside of standard TRNSYS, but you could use the parametric table option inside of TRNSHELL to perform an entire series of runs (varying multiple parameters) and then perform your analysis in a post-processing program such as Excel.  The other option that comes to mind is our TRNOPT program which performs a multi-variable optimization on a TRNSYS input for a range of discrete and continuous parameter values.  If you used this approach you'd have to come up with a clever method of formulating the sensitivity analysis as an error function.


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