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Re: sensitivity analysis with GenOpt

Dear all

You might want to consider using GenOpt for parametric studies (too). GenOpt is available from LBL (http://SimulationResearch.lbl.gov) and may be used for both optimization and sensitivity analysis. It is not easy to get into it, but once you are familiar with GenOpt you may take advantage of the many features it offers.

In order to gather results and parameters used from subsequent TRNSYS simulations in the same file, I have written a primitive type (type180). (GenOpt does that too, but using type180 provides a bit more flexibility). If anyone is interested in using this little helper, it is attached (type180.for is the code and type180.for is some explanation and an extract from the deck that illustrates the use of the type.) Because it was not my intention to distribute it, it was not developed to perfection. The feature that is most obviously lacking is mentioned in file "type180.dck".

Peter Vogelsanger

Systemtechnik und Speicher, Institut für Solartechnik SPF
Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil, Oberseestr.10, CH-8640 Rapperswil
Tel +41 55 222 48 23, Fax +41 55 222 48 44, http://www.solarenergy.ch

Richard Heimrath schrieb:
Hello Jeroen,

here a method for starting trnsys in low priority.
I am using a simple dos-batch-file for starting the simulation.

copy "E:\coolsan\iisibat\bregenz\VAR06\lhb_Var70.dck"   "run.dck"
start /belownormal /wait C:\trnsys15\trnsys.exe run.dck /N
copy "E:\coolsan\temp\tair.out"        "E:\coolsan\results\VAR06\tair_70.out"

The commando start can be used with a lot of options and in win xp its possible
to set an priority class for the process (/belownormal /low /high...).

With sunny regards,


At 03:41 PM 5/4/2004, you wrote:
I'm doing sensitivity analysises in the same way as Hilde (with Matlab), if you want an example of the matlab-file, I can send it to you, Beatriz.
But I also ran into a problem:
I want to use my data-files from type 25 as an input in my next run of trnsys, but there is always a header line in the type25-files.  This data file is 8760 houres, i.e. one year long. I don't have any problems when my simulation is one year aswell; I just let the data reader skip the first line. But when I want to run more years in a row, the data reader doesn't skip the first row anymore and an error is produced.
Does somebody know how I can get rid of the header line in trnsys ? or how to skip the header line when the second year is started ?
And something else, does somebody know how to put TRNSYS the whole in time in low priority, i.e. before it starts running ? Everytime it restarts for the analysis, I have to open the task manager and do it again.

Best regards,

Hilde Breesch wrote:
Dear Beatriz,
I'm working on a sensitivity analysis too (to identify which parameters have the greatest impact on thermal summer comfort in a building that is cooled by natural night cooling). I control the simulation process in Matlab to prepare the input files for Prebid and Trnsys and to run these programs too.
to run Prebid from an other program:
rename prebid.exe bid.exe and use command line:
\Trnsys15\prebid\bid.exe name_of_file.bui
to run Trnsys:
\Trnsys15\\trnsys.exe name_of_file.dck /n
If you have more questions, you can send me an e-mail directly.
best regards,
Hilde Breesch
PhD student Buildings & Climatic Control
Ghent University, Department of Architecture & Urban Planning
Plateaustraat 22, B-9000 GENT
tel. +32 9 264 78 61  fax. +32 9 264 41 85
e-mail: Hilde.Breesch@xxxxxxxx
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From: Beatriz Porcar Laynez
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Sent: Monday, May 03, 2004 4:01 PM
Subject: sensitivity analysis

Dear TRNSYS users,

I am trying to perform a sensitivity analysis to identify the parameter to which indoor air Tª  is most sensitive. I am specially interested in a number of particular parameters. Is there any capability implemented in TRNSYS, which could help to develop this kind of analysis.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards, Beatriz.


Beatriz Porcar Laynez

Bioclimatic Architecture Programme

Renewable Energy Department

CIEMAT (Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas Medioambientales y Tecnológicas)

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