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Re: [TRNSYS-users] parametric run

Great, Michaël, that's very clear and helps a lot.

Does that mean that I can have only one printing file, and so maximum 10 outputs for parametric runs ?

Best regards,


The basic rule of parametric runs in TRNSHELL is that any Assigned file with the same name as the deck file (except for the extension of course) will be numbered.


 - reads MyWeather.tm2
 - uses MyBuilding.bui(bld,trn)
 - Prints to MyDeck.out
 --> TRNSHELL will create Mydeck1.dck, MyDeck2.dck, etc that print to
     MyDeck1.out, MyDeck2.out, etc but all of them use the same building
     and weather files.

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