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Re: [TRNSYS-users] parametric run

Note that you can also control the creation of constants in IISiBat by locking / unlocking
variables in the parameters / inputs window. TRNSED constants will be automatically
created for all variables which are not locked if 'Write TRNSED commands' is ON in
the Global Cards window.


Michaël Kummert wrote:


I am trying a parametric run. I am wondering if I'm doing things right. I create a trnsys file in IIsiBat. I open the so created .dck file in TRNSHELL. I replace some equations by a CONSTANT statement and create my parametric table.
But if I make any modification in IIsiBat, when I come back into TRNSHELL, I have to do these two operations again. Is that right ? (I hope mu explanation is not too confused...)

Unfortunately you are correct. There is no way back to IISiBat once you started editing a deck file in TRNSHELL (that is, there is a way back but you loose most changes).
Please note, however, that you can have CONSTANTS statements in IISiBat. You just have to enter them by hand in the "Simulation Cards" field in "Control Cards". You can use the constants in the project by typing their name in an initial value or parameter field (after setting the "type" to "string"). That way you can setup your simulation completely in IISiBat and just use TRNSHELL to run the parametric study.

Kind regards,

Michaël Kummert


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