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Re: [TRNSYS-users] Command line switches

As far as I am aware, the /N switch is the only one available. My apologies for the commercialism, but I might also point out that there is a program called TRNOPT available in the TESS Optimization Library that integrates and automates the connection of TRNSYS with GenOpt. TRNOPT's front end scans TRNSYS input files and allows you to select which variables you would like to use in your optimization. It then asks you to put limits on the values that those variables can have and asks you to select either the output of any component in your simulation or the result of an equation that GenOpt will use as the basis of its minimization. Lastly it allows you to choose which optimization method you want to use (Hook-Jeeves, etc.). Once you launch your optimization, TRNOPT inserts a new Type into a copy of your input file; this printer prepares all of the information that GenOpt needs in order to control the series of simulations that it performs. Please let me know if you would like some more information.

At 07:19 PM 3/14/2005, Todd Houstein wrote:
I am using GENOPT to run optimizations of my TRNSYS projects. I am already
using the /N command line switch so that the <continue> button does not need
to be clicked after each simulation, however I cannot use my computer for
anything else while the optimization is running because each time TRNExe.exe
is called it takes focus (i.e. becomes the active window). Is there a
command line switch that runs TRNExe.exe in the background??

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University of Tasmania
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