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General Computing Information

Networking and Passwords

To get on a general lab machine, the username is seluser and the password is sel13. When you begin at the SEL, you will need an admin account to set up your personal account on a computer.

Along with folders for each user, there is a folder called Shared on our server which is intended as a space for SEL faculty and students to swap and/or distribute files. Please use this space as necessary. But if you put a file in Shared, be sure to promptly delete it when its usefulness is ended. The Shared file is backed up but it is recommended you keep your own backup system too (CD, jump drive, etc).

SEL mailing lists

Any person can fill in the application to be a member of the following lists:

  • Students, faculty and staff:
  • Staff and Faculty:
  • If experiencing any difficulties with the links, you can copy and paste into the address bar of the email that needs to be registered.


    It is assumed that students will use their UW or CAE emails. For questions on establishing an email account with Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) or the UW Division of Information Technology (DoIT), see their websites/help staff. You can, however, easily send and receive email from any of the PC computers in the lab. Be sure to read your email as important lab announcements are sent by email.

    Disk Space and Backups

    See the Printers and Network Drives page for information on how to connect to the shared server on the S drive. Please do not use more disk space than you really need. Please delete any files that are unnecessary as soon as possible. Itís a good idea to keep multiple backups of important files. One repository for backups is your student account at CAE. Check with CAE about your allowed disk space.

    CD/DVD Burner

    The SEL has an external CD/DVD burner for use within the lab. To use it, you will need to install the software if your computer does not already have disc burning software:

    1. Navigate to the shared drive, S:\Software\Lacie DVD Utils
    2. Double-click on LaCie. Make sure it is the application.
    3. In the menu that pops up, choose Applications -> Easy Media Creator
    4. Click through the installation windows, put "SEL" as the user and organization


    • The SEL owns several PC computers running Windows and have the common software packages installed (MS Office 2003). Also available: EES, TRNSYS.
    • Students are encouraged to use the software provided through CAE:
    • Please do not install any software on lab computers without talking it over with the SEL faculty. Same goes for installing software on the SEL server computer.
    • The server is our file, print, and web server and must be treated kindly. Please be especially gentle with this machine as it is vital to our operation.

    Software Updates

    To check that you have the latest Windows service pack, right-click on "My Computer" and choose "Properties". The "System Propeties" window pops up, and under the "General" tab, you should see "Service Pack 3" in the System section. If you don't have Service Pack 3, please do the following:

    1. In the Start menu, locate either "Microsoft Update" or "Windows Update"
    2. Click on the update program, which will open an internet browser.
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions, they should take you through everything.

    4. Once installations are complete, check that your computer shows "Service Pack 3", like you shecked before. If it does not, and you do not want to try again online, you may request an install disk from the SEL support person.

    Also be sure you have the latest UW-provided Symantec Antivirus software: DoIt -> Antivirus


    Installing printers
    The primary lab printer for use by SEL students is called Bigfoot (HP LaserJet IIISi) and is located in the main computer lab. You can print to this printer from any of the lab computers. Bigfoot is equipped to handle double-sided printing. Please use this feature as much as possible in order to conserve paper. You can choose to print on both sides of the page in most software applications by changing settings under the Print or Print Setup menus.

    Lab policy is to allow only one official printing of any thesis or report. Further copying should be done at Bob's Copy Shop or some other printer.

    Using TRNSYS

    If you're faced with the task of learning and using TRNSYS, start by reading and following along in the Introduction to TRNSYS manual. Follow this up by working through the examples in the back of the main TRNSYS manual. THEN, ask others for assistance.

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