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Fall 2009 Seminar Schedule

All seminars are on Tuesday and start at 4:00pm in room 414 ERB, running every other week starting on Sept. 1.
The speaker is responsible for bringing treats

Sept. 1- Welcome Back, Introductions, General information

Sept. 15- Franklin Miller, "Sub-Kelvin cryogenics"

Sept. 29- Harrison Skye, "Investigation of a 2-stage cryogenic cycle"

Oct. 13- Alan Kruizenga, "Experimental work with supercritical CO2"

Oct. 27- Kevin Myers, "Practical and economic assessment of PV in Wisconsin"

Nov. 10- Mike Cheadle, "Effect of oscillating flow in a regenerator"

Nov. 24- Lucas Feierabend, "Cavity receiver model for solar power towers"

Dec. 8- Jacob Brenner, "Measuring wet-bulb temperature"

Spring 2009 Seminar Schedule

Feb. 10- Pete Mumanachit, "Cascade refrigeration cycles"

Feb. 24- Rich Hackner, (to be determined)

Mar. 10- Nick Guldan, "Model Development and Experimental Validation of a Micro Valve for Drug Delivery Applications"

Mar. 24- Mike Kilkenny, "Mechanical Phase Shifter for a Pulse Tube"

Apr. 7- Kevin Myers, "Photovoltaics in Wisconsin"

Apr. 21- Brent Taft, "Design of an Experimental Facility for an Oscillating Heat Pipe"

May 5- Lucas Feierabend, "Cavity Receiver Power Towers"

Past Energy Institute Seminars

1/29/2007 Alan Carroll, UW Madison - Peak Oil, The Future Landscape of Geofuels
EH 1610

2/12/2007 Faramarz Vakili, UW-Madison - WE Conserve: UW Conservation Initiative
ECB 1003

2/26/2007 Leo Udee, Alliant Energy - Geothermal Heating Technology
ECB 1003

3/13- 3/15 Eric Singsaas, UW Stevens Point - Biofuels: Beyond Ethanol
Location TBD

3/26/2007 Matt Johnston, UW Madison - Wisconsin Biofuel Potential
Location TBD

4/16/2007 Paul Denholm, NREL - Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles
ECB 1003

4/23/2007 Bernie Lesieutre, UW-Madison - Monitoring Electric Power Markets
ECB 1003

5/7/2007 Harold Ray, Southern Cal Edison - Electric Utility Resource Planning

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