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Rules and Advice

Lab Access

You have access to your office and to the SEL computer lab at all hours of the day or night. This access depends on careful adherence to a few simple rules:

  • If you are finished with a computer for the day and have any reason to believe that no one else will use it that day, shut down the computer AND the monitor and cover both with one of the covers in the box under the printer in the computer lab. Water has been known to leak through the roof when the building air conditioning is on. Some monitors shut off automatically when the computer is shut down.
  • If you are the last one leaving the lab, be sure all computers are shut down and covered. HOWEVER, DO NOT shut down the SEL server computer in the inner computer lab. In this case, just shut off the monitor of the server and cover the monitor.
  • There have been numerous computer thefts in this building and others. If you are the last one leaving the lab, be absolutly sure that the door to the inner computer lab and both doors to the main computer lab and lunch/conference room are closed and locked.
  • Lock your office door if you are the last one leaving the office for the day.
  • Turn off the lights in the lab if you are last to leave.

If you have any questions about shutting down the lab, please feel free to ask the person next to you or ask the staff engineer.

Lab Priorities

SEL staff work (primarily TRNSYS) has first priority on SEL computing resources. Research work has second priority on all computers. Classwork comes in third. Games and general browsing on the WWW are a distant last. This means that you may have to do your classwork on a different computer, at a different time, or at a CAE computer lab. You should expect to be bumped off your machine if doing school work. Please do not get upset! The staff engineer reserves the right to take a computer to do TRNSYS work if necessary. During periods of high demand, sign up sheets are available for any computer in the lab. Do not leave a computer for a long period without quitting out so that someone else can use it.

Lab Etiquette

Please pick up after yourself and keep the computer area neat. We have no official policy regarding food and drink around the computers, but please eat in the lunch room, in your office, or outside. Be extremely careful not to spill anything on our computer equipment. This will save the staff engineer, you, and your peers a huge headache. Take all your stuff out of the computer lab and to your desk at the end of the day. If you spill in the lunch area/conference room, clean it up. Feel free to use the refrigerator and the microwave. Do not conduct food experiments in the refrigerator. MOST IMPORTANTLY, shut down and cover your machine if you leave in the afternoon and no one wants it. Music is permitted in the lab only if everyone present agrees. We subscribe to the Wisconsin State Journal newspaper. Please read it in the lunch room. If you finish the coffee, make the next pot (don't try leaving 1/2 a cup at the bottom, Bill hates that). Pay Shirley monthly if you drink the coffee (ask for the latest monthly fee).

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