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Library Resources

The SEL library has been revamped for easier use! In the Fall 2009 semester, many old publications of journals, magazines and conference proceedings were offered to Wendt Library. This donation process left us with room to continue to grow, and the shelves have been reorganized to find things more easily. Below is a list of some of the resources you can expect to find in the SEL library.

Click on the links below to find a sample of the titles available in each category.

Don't forget to check the UW libraries for materials that may be of use: Wendt Library.

Conference proceedings

  • Misc. conferences, 1951- present
  • American Solar Energy Society
  • Solar Engineering (ASME)
  • Passive Solar

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  • ASHRAE Journal
  • HVAC&R Research
  • International Journal of Refrigeration
  • Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power
  • Journal of Heat Transfer
  • Journal of Solar Energy Engineering
  • Photovoltaic Energy
  • Renewable Energy
  • Solar and Wind Technology
  • Solar Energy


  • Ambient Energy
  • Building and Environment
  • Buildings Energy Technology
  • Energy

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  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Photon International
  • Photovoltaics International
  • Project Monitor
  • REFocus
  • Solar Today


  • The Atlantic
  • aei
  • American Scientist
  • Cadet Renewable Energy Newsletter
  • EDN
  • IEEE Spectrum
  • Renewable Energy Worl
  • Solar Today
  • Sun and Wind Energy

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Other publications by SEL faculty and students

Preliminary Reports/ Exams

Reindl, D. T., (Ph.D., 1990), "Source Driven Natural Convection in Enclosures"

Knight, K. M., (Ph.D., 1990), "Source Analysis and Design of Adsorptive Processes for Air Quality Control"

Jekel, T. B., (1993), "Heat and Mass Transfer in Desiccant Dehumidifiers"


Faranda, A. M., (2002), "Project in Harmony with the Nature and Resources of the Southern Cities"

Jelti, M., (2000), "EES Modeling of a Centrifugal Compressor"

Eckardt, O., (1996), "Simulation of the Heat and Mass Transfer in Meat Emulsion Products"

Linnemann, C., (1994), "Temperature Distribution and Performance of Solar Cavity Receivers"

Heitele, B., (1992), "Thermodynamic Analysis of Dehumidification"

Mohl, K. D., (1993), "Heat and Mass Transfer in Meat Processing"

Zinn, R. M., (1991), "A Transient Computer Model of the Human Thermal Response and Thermal Comfort Perception"

Duffie, J. A., et al, (1977), "Compatibility of Solar Energy Supply, Collection and Storage with Food Processing Energy Demands"

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Theses from other UW students

Druecke, B. C., (M.S., 2006), "Exploration of Approaches to Reduce Combustion Losses in Internal Combustion Engines"

White, S. W., (Ph.D., 1998), "Net Energy Payback and CO2 Emissions from Helium-3 Fusion and Wind Electrical Power Plants"

Yuan, J., (Ph.D., 1998), "A Study of Pulse Tube Refrigerators"

Baynham, L., (M.S., 1997), "Air Pollution and Transportation in Mexico City: Focus on the Hoy No Circula Traffic Restriction Program"

Singh, G., (M.S., 1997), "Energy and Environmental Benefits of Pump Impeller Trimming in Commercial Building Heating and Cooling Systems"

Scheuermann, K. M., (M.S., 1995), "Impact Evaluation of a Residential Air Conditioner Cycling Program"

Huang, X. (Ph.D., 1994), "Hydrodynamic Study of One Dimensional Two-Phase Helium Flow"

Lai, G. Y., (Ph.D., 1993), "In Situ Real Time Monitoring of Process Stream Temperatures During Polymer Processing Via IR Pyrometry"

Marr, D. F., (Ph.D., 1993), "Modeling Packed-Tube Reactors with Data-Based Transport Functions"

Penn, G. C., (M.S., 1987), "Ceramic Electric Thermal Heat Storage: Consumer Issues"

Choi, K. J., (Ph.D., 1983), "Natural Convection Heat Transfer within Horizontal Tube Bundles"

Aguado, J. M. M., (report?, 1981), "Solar Thermal Central Reciever Power Plant: A Technical Review of the Current State-of-the-Art"

Ceylan, H. T., (Ph.D., 1979), "Long-Time Solutions to Heat-Conduction Transients with Time-Dependent Inputs"

Wepfer, W. J., (Ph.D., 1979), "Application of the Second Law to the Analysis and Design of Energy Systems"

White, W. S., (M.S., 1976), "Forced Convection Heat Transfer over a Grasslike Surface"

Wengert, E. M., (Ph.D., 1975), "Prediction of Moisture Content in Wood"

Jury, W. A., (Ph.D., 1973), "Simultaneous Transport of Heat and Moisture Through a Medium Sand"

Gloudemans, J. R., (Ph.D., 1973), "The Transition from Forced- to Free-Convective Heat Transfer From a Heated Vertical Plate in Air with the Buoyant and Inertial Forces Opposed"

Palmquist, R. W., (Ph.D., 1970), "Optimum Thermal Design of Radiative-Conductive Systems"

Hajela, G. P., (Ph.D., 1970), "Heat Transfer Characteristics of Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Electric Motors"

Teeter, C. L., (Ph.D., 1970), "Development of a Freon Cooled Cryoprobe and an Analysis of the Associated Temperature Fields"

Hitchcock, M. J., (Ph.D., 1968), "Heat Transfer from the Surface of Prepared Food Held in Volume Under Constant Controlled Environmental Conditions"

Schilling, R. J., (M.S., 1964), "An Interferometric Investigation of Concentration Profiles Produced by Low Reynolds Number Mass Transfer From a Vertical Flat Plat"

Jaeck, C. L., (M.S., 1962), "The Study of Heat and Mass Transfer Boundary Layer Around a Cylinder Using a Two Wavelength Technique"

Brauns, R. A., & Utz, J. A., (M.S., 1961), "Design and Initial Tests of a Single Cylinder Sterling Engine for Solar Energy Applications"

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General solar energy books

There are books related to, and grouped loosely around, the following categories:

  • Energy policy
  • Real-world solar applications
  • General solar reference texts
  • Photovoltaics and chemistry
  • Publications from other solar labs (near the SEL Theses)

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