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M.S. and Ph.D Theses

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These theses are available for a cost from the Memorial Library's interlibrary lending department.
Thesis titles in blue can be downloaded in zipped .pdf format.

Colgan, Nathan (Ph.D., 2023), "Mass optimization and experimental validation of a forced-convection heat exchanger for Mars surface waste heat rejection"

Truchon, Joshua (M.S., 2023), "Testing of CRP Supports for the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment"

Chan, Jason (Ph.D., 2023), "Characterization of annular flow downstream of an obstruction"

Morse, Roman (Ph.D., 2023), "A new paradigm for the role of disturbance waves on heat transfer and dryout in annular two-phase flow"

Abdulmajeid, Laith (M.S., 2023), "Modeling and Control of the Intelligent Building Agents Laboratory"

Prussack, Brett A. (M.S., 2023), "Scalable Deposition Methods for Carbon Nanotubes Electronics"

Gunderson, Chloe M. (Ph.D., 2023), "Advancements in sub-Kelvin Paramagnetic Refrigeration: The Development of a Sub-Kelvin Active Magnetic Regenerative Refrigeration System An Improved Thermodynamic Model of the Chrome-Cesium Alum"

Wang, Yaning (Ph.D., 2023), "Design and optimization of a meso-scale helical-tube-bundle heat exchanger"

Young, Tyler R. (M.S., 2023), "Improving Performance and Energy Efficiency of Blast Freezing Systems"

Thorpe, Christian C. (M.S., 2023), "Simulated Flow Analysis of Geometric Effects on Direct Contact Condensation"

Detlor, Jennifer A. (Ph.D., 2022), "Progress Towards Gas Mixture Selection and Heat Transfer Coefficient Measurements for the Shell-Side of a Joule-Thomson Cryocooler"

White, Brian (M.S., 2022), "Thermodynamic Cycle Modeling of Integrated Lead-Cooled Fast Reactor and Concentrating Solar Power"

Xu, Chen (Ph.D., 2022), "Performance Characterization of a Helium PHP via Fluent"

Maples, Gunnar (M.S., 2022), "Experimental Characterization of Additively Manufactured, Topology Optimized Heat Sinks"

Mueller, Bryant (Ph.D., 2021), "The Performance of Pulsating Heat Pipes as Thermal Switches in Redundant Cryocooler Systems"

Mmeje, Uzoma (Ph.D., 2021), "Experimental Investigation and Analysis of Pure Fluid and Mixture Pulsating Heat Pipes with Varying Condenser Temperatures, Heat Loads and Fill Ratios"

Upadhya, Sahana (M.S., 2021), "A Dispatch Model for Hybrid Renewable and Battery Systems Incorporating a Battery Degradation Model"

Haglund, Mitchell, (Independent Study Report, 2021), "Modeling of a Simplified Indirect Pumped Thermal Energy Storage System"

Salmon, Kacie (M.S., 2021), "Experimental Characterization of Cryogenic Materials Contact Resistance"

Kopach, Adam (M.S., 2021), "Modelling the Air-Side of the Intelligent Building Agents Laboratory"

Springate, Samuel (M.S., 2021), "Transient Modeling Tool for the Counterflow Heat Exchangers in Concentrating Solar Power Systems with Thermal Energy Storage"

Maskalunas, Jeff (M.S., 2020), "High-Temperature Thermal Properties of Particles for Concentrated Solar Power and Thermal Energy Storage Systems"

Morse, Roman (M.S., 2020), "Critical Heat Flux and the Dryout of Liquid Film in Two-phase Annular Flow"

Alden, Zach (M.S., 2020), "Geometric Considerations for Stability of Direct Contact Steam Condensation in Liquid Crossflow"

Gunderson, Chloe M. (M.S., 2020), "Development of an Active Magnetic Regenerative Refrigeration System for Sub-Kelvin Cooling of Space Instrumentation"

Chan, Jason, (M.S., 2020), "Thermoreflectance for the Instantaneous Measurement of Temperature at a Wall-Vapor Interface"

Fuller, Ivan James, (M.S., 2020), "Simulation of a Cavity-Type Receiver for Concentrated Power Towers"

Lindeman, Brett A., (Ph.D., 2020), "Pressure Gradient as an Independent Variable in Heterogeneous Bubble Nucleation"

Koesser, Karl H., (Independent Study Report, 2020), "Emissions Abatement from Electrification of Residential Natural Gas: Technical Case Studies and Policy Implications"

Shahid, Labib, (B.S. Honors in Research, 2020), "Modeling Night-time Heat Rejection of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Cycle"

Sondelski, Becky, (M.S.. 2019), "Mass Optimization of a Supercritical CO2 Brayton Cycle with Direct Cooled Nuclear Reactor for Space Surface Power"

Katz, Ken, (M.S.. 2019), "An improved liquid 3helium/4helium diode heat switch"

Hanzlik, Tyler, (M.S.. 2019), "Superconducting Current Leads under Pulsed Current Conditions"

Sheehan, Evan, (Ph.D. 2019), "Development of a High-Effectiveness Cryogenic Stacked Plate Heat Exchanger"

Brennan, Max, (M.S.. 2018), "Conditional Stability of a Steam Jet during Direct Contact Condensation in Subcooled Water Crossflow"

Fehring, B., (M.S.. 2018), "Transient Wall Temperature and Film Thickness of Vertical Annular Two-Phase Pulsatile Flow"

Wright, C.M., (M.S.. 2018), "Analysis of 3D-Printed Fin Performance"

Boxleitner, J., (M.S.. 2018), "Additive Design and Manufacturing of Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers"

Dyreson, A., (Ph.D. 2018), "Radiative-Convective Panels and a Cooling System for Concentrating Solar Power"

Hinze, J.F., (Ph.D. 2018), "Periodic Flow Regenerators for Supercritical CO2 Brayton Cycle"

Van Asselt, A., (Ph.D. 2018), "Operation of Cool Thermal Energy Storage to Enable Renewable Eletricity Generation"

Leeds, C.M., (M.S. 2018), "Simulation of Tapered Pin Fins and Cylinders in Crossflow"

Rapp, L.M., (M.S. 2017), "Experimental Testing of sCO2 Switched Bed Regenerators for Power Applications"

Felber, R.A., (M.S. 2017), "Design, Simulation, and Testing of Novel Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers Manufactured by Fused Filament Fabrication"

Mok, M., (M.S. 2017), "Development of a Multiple Evaporator Nitrogen Pulsating Heat Pipe for Space Cryogenics Applications"

Fentzlaff, B.H., (M.S. 2016), "Modeling the Radiative Drying Process for Industrial Printing Applications"

Hruska, P.J., (M.S. 2016), "Exploring Dry Air Cooling Heat Exchanger Technologies and Applications"

Herrera, C., (M.S. 2016), "Modeling and Assessment of the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery Ground-Coupled Heat Pump"

Hummel, C., (M.S. 2016), "Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Measurements of Nigrogen-Argon Mixtures"

Zhou, W., (Ph.D. 2016), "Adjustable Inertance Tubes for Pulse Tube Cryocoolers"

Jahromi, A.E., (Ph.D. 2015), "Development of a Proof of Concept Low Temperature Superfluid Magnetic Pump with Applications"

Balke, E., (M.S. 2015), "Modeling, Validation, and Evaluation of the NIST Net Zero Energy"

Barraza, R., (Ph.D. 2015), "Thermal-Fluid Behavior of Mixed Refrigerants for Cryogenic Applications" (experimental data)

Haggerty, N., (M.S. 2015),"The Design and Construction of an Electrocaloric Effect (ECE) Refrigeration Facility"

Hinze, J.F., (M.S. 2015), "Thermodynamic Optimization of Mixed Refrigerant Joule Thomson Cycle with Heat Transfer Considerations"

Schwartz, F.J., (M.S. 2015), "Measurements of Mixed-Gas Heat Transfer Coefficients"

Yoder, K., (M.S. 2015), "Recuperators and Regenerators in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Cycles"

Friedman, A., (M.S. 2015), "Design and Development of a High Capacity 20 K Pulse Tube Cryocooler"

Dyreby, J., (Ph.D. 2014),"Modeling the Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Brayton Cycle with Recompression"

Leyde, B., (M.S. 2014),"TRNSYS Modeling of the NIST Net Zero Energy Residential Test Facility"

Rule, K., (M.S. 2014),"Empirical Modeling and System Optimization for a Precooled Joule-Thomson Cycle for Cryosurgery"

Shinners, J., (M.S. 2014),"Analysis of Dual Loop Parabolic Trough Concentrating Solar Power Plants"

McCusker, K. (M.S. 2014), "The Study and Modeling of Adsorbed Regenerator Plate Material"

Renzhuo, W., (M.S. 2014),"Cryogenic Regenerative Heat Exchanger Performance Mapping using REGEN3.3"

Zhang, D., (Ph.D. 2014),"Modeling Results for the ITER Cryogenic Fore Pump"

Alar, E., (M.S. 2013),"A Test Facility for New Non-Rare-Earth Pulse Tube Cryocooler Regenerator Plates"

Edlebeck, J., (M.S. 2013),"Measurement and Modeling of the Flow of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Through Orifices"

Knudson, R., (M.S. 2013),"Energy Monitoring and Verification of Ground-Coupled Heat Pumps"

Moore, B., (M.S. 2013),"Development of a Passive Check Valve for Cryogenic Applications"

Pertzborn, A., (Ph.D 2013),"The Design of Hybrid Cooling Tower Heat Pump Systems"

Rosas, R., (M.S. 2013),"??"

Brey, W., (M.S. 2012),"A Thermodynamic Model of Magnetic Hysteresis in Active Magnetic Regenerative Refrigeration (AMRR) Cycles"

Cheadle, M., (Ph.D 2012),"Fundamental Challenges of Pulse Tube Cryocoolers"

Gavic, D., (M.S. 2012),"Investigation Of Water, Air, and Hybrid Cooling For Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Brayton Cycles"

Marsicek, G., (M.S., 2012), "Feasibility of Solar/Heat Pump Systems for Reducing Conditioning Energy Consumption"

Mueller, B., (M.S., 2012), "Thermodynamic Modeling of a 3He-4He Cold Cycle Dilution Refrigerator"

Passow, K., (M.S., 2012), "Empirical Model Improvements for a Mixed Gas Joule-Thomson Cycle with Precooling for Cryosurgery"

Barraza, R., (M.S., 2011), "Solar Desalination Systems Research and Modeling Process"

Jahromi, A., (M.S., 2011), "Development of a 1K Facility and Modeling of a Superfluid Magnetic Pump With no Moving Parts"

Neises, T., (M.S., 2011), "Development and Validation of a Model to Predict the Temperature of a Photovoltaic Cell"

Potratz, D., (M.S., 2011), "Development and Experimental Investigation of a Helium Thermosiphon"

Skye, H., (Ph.D, 2011), "Modeling, Experimentation and Optimazation for a Mixed Gas Joule-Thomson Cycle with Precooling for Cryosurgery"

Teichel, S., (M.S., 2011), "Modeling and Calculation of Heat Transfer Relationships for Concentrated Solar Power Receivers"

Rodarte, M., (M.S. 2011),"The Development of an Experimental Test Facility to Measure Leakage Through Labyrinth Seals"

Seidel, W., (M.S., 2010), "Model Development and Annual Simulation of the Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Brayton Cycle for Concentrating Solar Power Applications"

Myers, K., (M.S., 2010), "Assessment of High Penetration of Photovoltaics in Wisconsin" The .zip file includes the digital supplement.

Boyd, M., (M.S., 2010), "Evaluation and Validation of Equivalent Circuit Photovoltaic Solar Cell Performance Models"

Brenner, J., (M.S., 2010), "Design Specifications for Wet-Bulb Aspirator Apparatus"

Feierabend, L., (M.S., 2009), "Thermal Model Development and Simulation of Cavity-Type Solar Central Receiver Systems"

Taylor, R.P., (PhD, 2009), "Optimal Pulse-Tube Design Using Computational Fluid Dynamics"

Frischmann, M., (M.S., 2009), "Heat Transfer Coefficient Using Liquid Heat Transfer Fluids for use in Active Magnetic Regenerative Refrigeration"

Mumanachit, P., (M.S., 2009), "Comparative Analysis of Low Temperature Industrial Refrigeration Systems"

Wagner, M., (M.S., 2008), "Simulation and Predictive Performance Modeling of Utility-Scale Central Receiver System Power Plants"

Hackel, S., (M.S., 2008), "Development of Design Guidelines for Hybrid Ground-Coupled Heat Pump Systems"

White, M., (M.S., 2008), "Performance of a Mems Heat Exchanger for a Cryosurgical Probe"

Engelbrecht, K., (Ph.D., 2008), "A Numerical Model of an Active Magnetic Regenerator Refrigerator with Experimental Validation"

Fraser, P., (M.S., 2008), "Stirling Dish System Performance Prediction Model"

Meitner, P., (M.S., 2008), "Viscous Energy DIssipation in Frozen Cryogens"

Jester, R. K., (M.S., 2007), "Aggresive Energy Recovery from the Waste Heat of a Hybrid Automotive Powerplant"

Marconnet, A., (M.S., 2007), "Predicting Regenerator Performance with a Single-Blow Experiment"

Skye, H., (M.S., 2007), "Automatic Distributed Load Temperature Control Strategies for a Rectified Continuous Flow Loop Interfaced with a Regenerative Cryocooler"

Skye, H., (B.S., 2006 Undergraduate Thesis), "Comparison of CFD Analysis to Empirical Data in a Commercial Vortex Tube"

Aljuwayhel, N. F., (Ph.D., 2006), "Numerical and Experimental Study of the Influence of Frost Formation and Defrosting on the Performance of Industrial Evaporator Coils"

Ashwood, A. C., (M.S., 2006), "Fluid Property Effects on Spray Cooling: An Experimental and Numerical Study"

Brosten, T.R., (M.S., 2006), "Model and Test of an Actively Controlled Cryogenic Micro Valve"

Cheadle, M., (M.S., 2006), "A Predictive Thermal Model of Heat Transfer in a Fiber Optic Bundle for a Hybrid Solar Lighting System"

Edwards, K.R., (M.S., 2006), "Rennebohm Hall Building Simulation and Analysis of Energy Monitoring Potential"

Fraser, T., (M.S., 2006), "Design of a Cryogenic Turbine for a Hybrid Cryocooler"

McMahan, A. C., (M.S., 2006), "Design & Optimization of Organic Rankine Cycle Solar-Thermal Powerplants"

Pettit, J., (M.S., 2006), "Numerical Modeling and Experimental Testing of a Mixed Gas Joule-Thomson Cryocooler"

Patnode, A.M., (M.S., 2006), "Simulation and Performance Evaluation of Parabolic Trough Solar Power Plants"

Arias, D.A., (Ph.D., 2005), "Numerical and Experimental Study of Small Engine Carburetors"

Potratz, S., (M.S., 2005), "Design and Test of a High Capacity Pulse-Tube"

Burnett, H., (M.S., 2005), "The Effect of Surface Characteristics on Contact Line Motion in Immersion Lithography"

Engelbrecht, K., (M.S., 2005), "A Numerical Model of an Active Magnetic Regenerator Refrigeration System"

Mueller, S., (M.S., 2005), "Model and Design of an Air-Cooled Thermal Management System for an Integrated Motor/Controller"

Burkholder, F.W., (M.S., 2004), "TRNSYS Modeling of a Hybrid Lighting System: Energy Savings and Colorimetry Analysis"

De Soto, W.L., (M.S., 2004), "Improvement and Validation of a Model for Photovoltaic Array Performance"

Fredrickson, K., (M.S., 2004), "Optimization of Cryosurgical Probes for Cancer Treatment"

Hoch, D.W., (M.S., 2004), "Design and Test of a 1.8K Liquid Helium Refrigerator"

Hoffenbecker, N., (M.S., 2004), "Investigation of Alternative Defrost Strategies"

Hughes, C., (M.S., 2004), "Experimental Measurement of Heat Transfer Coefficients for Mixed Gas Working Fluids in Joule-Thompson Systems"

Kopplin, C.R. , (M.S., 2004), "Local Liquid Velocity Measurements in Horizontal, Annular Two-Phase Flow"

Lachner, B.F., (M.S., 2004), "The Use of Water as a Refrigerant: Impact of Cycle Modifications on Commercial Feasibility"

Pautsch, A.G. , (M.S., 2004), "Heat Transfer and Film Thickness Characteristics of Spray Cooling with Phase Change"

Rodriguez, D.J., , (Ph.D., 2004), "Characterization of Bubble Entrainment, Interfacial Roughness and the Sliding Bubble Mechanism in Horizontal Annular Flow"

Schunk, L.O., (M.S., 2004), "Experimental Investigation and Modeling of Inertance Tubes"

Vijayakumar, G., (M.S., 2004), "Assessment of Solar Radiation Data Used in Analyses of Solar Energy Systems"

Blankenberger, P.L., (M.S., 2003), "The Effect of Fluid Properties on the Physical Behavior of Adiabatic Annular Two-Phase Flow"

Evans, J.C., (M.S., 2003), "Hydrostatic Journal Bearings for a Hybrid Pulse-Tube/Reverse-Brayton Cryocooler"

Freund, S.W., (M.S., 2003), "Simulation of Air-to-Air Energy Recovery Systems for HVAC Energy Conservation in an Animal Housing Facility"

Magoo, N., (M.S., 2003), "High-Temperature Refrigerated Warehouse Operation under Real-Time Pricing of Electricity"

Schlegel, G., (M.S., 2003), "A TRNSYS Model of a Hybrid Lighting System"

El-Morsi, M.S., (Ph.D., 2002), "Optimization of Direct-Contact-Spray-Coolers"

Braun, R., (Ph.D., 2002), "Optimal Design and Operation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems for Small-scale Stationary Applications "

Stuetzle, T., (M.S., 2002), "Automatic Control of the 30 MWe SEGS VI Parabolic Trough Plant"

Wei, A.C., (M.S., 2001), "Localized Resist Heating Due to Electron-Beam Patterning During Photomask Fabrication"

Ault, J.R., (M.S., 2000), "Environmental Requirements for Museums"

Goodheart, K.A., (M.S.,2000), "Low Firing Temperature Absorption Chiller System"

Klockow, H.B., (M.S.,2000), "Ozone in Direct Contact Spray Air Conditioning Systems"

Lekube, J., (ITSI,2000), "IR Enchange Between a Solar Collector with Plastic Glazing and the Sky"

Manske, K.A., (M.S., 2000), "Performance Optimization of Industrial Refrigeration Systems"

Plaisted, J.R., (M.S., 2000), "Life Cycle Performance Evaluation of an Air-Based Solar Thermal System"

Reimer, P.L., (M.S.,2000), "The Time Element in Chiller Fault Detection and Diagnosis"

Stoeckle, R., (M.S.,2000), "Refrigerated Warehouse Operation Under Real Time Pricing"

McIntosh, I.B.D., (Ph.D., 1999), "A Model-Based Fault Detection and Diagnosis Methodology for HVAC Subsystems"

Abdo, A.Y. , (M.S., 1999), "Modeling of the Thermal Response and the Thermal Distortion of Optical Mask during Optical Lithography Exposure Process"

Koo, J.M., (M.S., 1999), "Development of a Flat Plate Solar Collector Design Program"

Reichler, M., (M.S., 1999), "Modeling of Rooftop Packaged Air Conditioning Equipment"

Pohl, S.E., (M.S., 1999), "Use of Air Conditioner Heat Rejection for Swimming Pool Heating"

Gan, A.I.Y.J., (M.S., 1999), "The Design of Better Household Refrigerators with Improved Energy Consumption"

Jaehnig, D., (M.S., 1999), "A Semi-Empirical Method for Modeling Reciprocating Compressors in Residential Refrigerators and Freezers"

Lightbourn, E.D., (M.S., 1999), "Thermal Contact Resistance of Metal Roller to Plastic Web Interfaces"

Altwies, J.E., (M.S., 1998), "Electrical Demand Reduction in Refrigerated Warehouses"

Brownell, K.A., (M.S., 1998) "Investigation of the Field Performance for Industrial Refrigeration Systems"

Flake, B.A., (Ph.D., 1998), "Parameter Estimation and Optimal Supervisory Control of Chilled Water Plants"

Fry, B., (M.S., 1998), "Simulation of Grid-Tied Building Integrated Photovoltaic Systems"

Schmitt, D.D., (M.S., 1998), "Automated Generation of Hourly Design Sequences"

Vicum, L., (M.S., 1998), "Local Heating During Electron Beam Patterning of Lithography Masks"

Bradley, D.E., (M.S., 1997), "Promising Freeze Protection Alternatives in Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems"

Dayan, M., (M.S., 1997), "High Performance in Low Flow Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems"

Jekel, T. B. (Ph.D., 1997), "Experimental Determination of Heat and Mass Transfer in Desiccant Matrices"

Al-Ibrahim, A. M., (Ph.D., 1997), "Optimum Selection of Direct-Coupled Photovoltaic Pumping System in Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems"

Rabehl, R.J., (M.S., 1997), "Parameter Estimation and the Use of Catalog Data with TRNSYS"

Rottmayer, S. P., (M.S., 1997), "Simulation of Ground Coupled Vertical U-Tube Heat Exchangers"

Zehr, S., (M.S., 1997), "Process Energy Efficiency Improvement in Wisconsin Cheese Plants"

Jahnig, D. , (Travail de Fin d'Etudes Diplmarbeith, 1997), "Experimental Validation of Photovoltaic Pumping System Models"

Ahmed, O., (Ph.D., 1996), "Model-based Control of Laboratory HVAC Systems"

Behschnitt, S. A., (M.S., 1996), "A Comparison of Water-Ethanol, Pure Water and Ice as Storage Media for Building Thermal Storage Applications"

Hiller, M. D. E., (M.S., 1996), "TRNSHD-A Program for Shading and Insolation Calculations"

Kelsey, J., (M.S., 1996), "The Energy Use Implications of Design Choices in Commercial Buildings"

Kou, Q., (M.S., 1996), "A Method for Estimation the Long-Term Performance of Photovoltaic Pumping System"

Quinlan, P. J. A., (M.S., 1996), "Time Series Modeling of Hybrid Wind Photovoltaic Diesel Power Systems"

Williams, P. M., (M.S., 1996), "Development and Analysis Tool for Photovoltaic-Powered Solar Water Heating Systems"

Gerth, A., (Project, 1996), "Simulation of Large Scale Domestic Water Heating Systems"

Eckardt, O., (Project, 1996), "Simulation of the Heat and Mass Transfer in Meat Emulsion Products"

Bauer, M., (M.S., 1995), "General Regression Neural Network for Technical Use"

Giardina, J., (M.S., 1995), "Evaluation of Ground Coupled Heat Pumps for the State of Wisconsin"

Kirchhoff, J., (M.S., 1995), "Optimized Combination of a Cooling Pond and Cooling Tower System for Condenser Cooling at a Steam Cycle Power Plant"

Newton, B. J., (M.S., 1995), "Modeling of Solar Storage Tanks"

Schaefer, M., J.,(Ph.D., 1995),Simulation and Experimental Analysis of Transport Phenomena During the Thermal Processing of Meat Emulsion Products"

Summers, D. A., (M.S., 1995), "Thermal Simulation and Economic Assessment of Unglazed Transpired Collector Systems"

Trzesniewski, J. A., (M.S., 1995), "Electrical Utility Interest in Solar Energy Systems"

Avina, J., (M.S., 1994), "The Modeling of a Natural Convection Heat Exchanger in a Solar Domestic Hot Water System"

Cragen, K. E., (M.S., 1994), "Impact on a Utility of an Ensemble of Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems"

Cross, J. K., (M.S., 1994), "An Evaluation of Ice and Chilled Water as Thermal Storage Media for Combustion Turbine Inlet Air Cooling Systems"

Koeppel, E. A., (M.S., 1994), "The Modeling, Performance and Optimal Control of Commercial Absorption Chillers"

Schmid, M., (Diplomarbeit, 1994), "Modifications to the TRNSYS Thermal Storage Tank Model"

Stiesch, G., (M.S., 1994), "Performance of Rotary Enthalpy Exchangers"

Poplawski, L.J., (Project, 1994), "Solar Resource Guide, Wisconsin Center for Demand Side Research"

Blair, N. J., (M.S., 1993), "Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Transient Natural Convection in a Cylindrical Enclosure"

Carey, C. W., (M.S., 1993), "The Optimal Control of Ice-Storage Air-Conditioning Systems"

Emmerich, S. J., (M.S., 1993), "Indoor Air Quality Modeling and Demand Controlled Ventilation"

Furler, G., (M.S., 1993), "Modeling of a Photovoltaic Powered Refrigeration System"

Gansler, R. A., (M.S., 1993), "Assessment of Generated Meteorological Data for Use in Solar Energy Simulations"

McDowell, T. P., (M.S., 1993), "Investigation of Ammonia and Equipment Configurations for Supermarket Applications"

Skolnick, M. A., (M.S., 1993), "Measurement and Simulation of Activated Carbon Adsorption as a Means to Control Indoor Air Quality"

Ulleberg, O., (M.S., 1993), "Emulation and Control of Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning Systems"

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Schaefer, P. J., (M.S., 1991), "Modeling of Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems"

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Nordgaard, A., (Project, 1991), "Performance Prediction of Solar Thermal Systems and the Use of Monolithic Silica Aerogel to Improve Collector Efficiency"

Eckstein, J., (M.S., 1990), "Detailed Modeling of Photovoltaic System Components"

Halabi, O., (M.S., 1990), "Moisture Storage in Buildings"

Kleinbach, E. M., (M.S., 1990), "Performance Study of One-Dimensional Models for Stratified Thermal Storage Tank"

Knoespel, P. D., (M.S., 1990), "Indoor Air Quality Modeling"

Ruud, M. D., (M.S., 1990), "Building Thermal Storage"

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Minnerly, B., (M.S., 1989), "A Long Term Performance Prediction Method for Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems"

Pape, F., (M.S., 1989), "Optimal Control and Fault Detection in Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning Systems"

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Knight, K., (M.S., 1988), "Development and Validation of a Weather Data Generation Moledular"

Reindl, D. T., (M.S., 1988), "Estimating Diffuse Radiation on Horizontal Surfaces and Total Radiation on Tilted Surfaces"

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