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Fall 2022 Seminar Schedule

All seminars are on Tuesday and start at 4:00pm. The room is indicated below.

Sep. 13 (106 ERB) - Matt Tuman, "Concentrating Solar Power" Slides

Sep. 20 (106 ERB) - Alastair Luna, "Advanced Temperature Measurements" Slides

Sep. 27 (106 ERB) - cancelled

Oct. 4 (1270 ME) - cancelled

Oct. 11 (106 ERB) - Nathan Colgan, "Heat Rejection on Mars" Slides

Oct. 18 (106 ERB) - Sahana Upadhya, "Dispatch Optimization" Slides

Oct. 25 (106 ERB) - Yiyan Li, "Embedded System and Integrated Circuit Design"

Nov. 1 (1270 ME) - Eric Alar, "Blast Freezers"

Nov. 8 (106 ERB) - Wesley Johnson, "Cryogenics at NASA Glenn"

Nov. 15 (106 ERB) - Jason Chan, "Liquid Films"

Nov. 22 - No seminar, Thanksgiving Week

Nov. 29 (106 ERB) - Devin McCormick, "Liquid Sodium"

Dec. 6 (1270 ME) -Brian White, "sCO2 Modeling for Integrated Nuclear and CSP"

Dec. 13 (106 ERB)- Yaning Wang, "Cryogenic Heat Exchangers"

Dec. 20 (TBD)- Solar Energy Lab Winter Get-Together

Spring 2022 Seminar Schedule

All seminars are on Tuesday and start at 4:00pm in Room ME 3210 unless otherwise noted.

Jan. 25 - cancelled

Feb. 1 - Matt Mullin, "Learned Productivity under Variable Solar Conditions" Slides

Feb. 8 - Jennifer Detlor, "Measuring the Fin-Side Heat Transfer Coefficient in MGJT Systems"

Feb. 15 - Zhiyi Jiang, "Experimental Characterization of Nitrogen Pulsating Heat Pipes"

Feb. 22 - Brett Prusack, "Deposition of Highly Aligned CNTs"

Mar. 1 - Laith Abdulmajeid, "Modeling the Integrated Building Automation Lab"

Mar. 8 - Ryder Belgarde, "Thermal Stresses in Sodium Fast Reactors due to Thermal Oscillations" Slides

Mar. 15 - No Seminar, Spring Break

Mar. 22 - Erik Tillman, "Liquid Metal Heat Pipe Visualization" Slides

Mar. 27 - Logan Kossel, "Long-length Helium Pulsating Heat Pipes" Slides

Apr. 5 - Chloe Gunderson, "Continuous sub-Kelvin Cooling with He3/He4 Mixtures"

Apr. 12 - Christian Thorpe, "Optimizing Nozzles for Steam Injection"

Apr. 19 - Lewis Francisco Handy-Cardenas, "Molten Salt Pumps"

Apr. 26 - SEL Seminar is cancelled in order to attend event in honor of Kris Dressler at 4:30 in 1800 EH

May 3 - Roman Morse, "Critical Heat Flux and Liquid Dryout in Two-Phase Annular Flow"

Fall 2021 Seminar Schedule

All seminars are on Tuesday and start at 4:00pm in Room ME 3210 unless otherwise noted.

Sep. 7 - Sahana Upadhya, "Dispatch Optimization Model with Battery Degradation" Slides

Sep. 14 - Andrew Napora, "Versatile Test Reactor Sodium Chemistry Control & Monitoring" Slides

Sep. 21 - Tony Grotjan, "Turbine Test Facility" Slides

Sep. 28 - Uzome Mmeje, "Pulsating Heat Pipes" Slides

Oct. 5 - Alastair Luna, "Optical Fiber Temperature and Stress Measurements" Slides

Oct. 12 - Logan Rapp, "sCO2 work at Sandia National Lab"

Oct. 19 - cancelled

Oct. 26 - Jason Chan, "Thin Film Flow around Obstacles" Slides

Nov. 2 - Mackenzie Nelson, "Mechanical Integrity for High Temperature sCO2 Systems with Salt Solutions" Slides

Nov. 9 - Nathan Colgan, "Heat Exchangers for Mars" Slides

Nov. 16 - William Derdeyn, "Optical Characterization of Molten Fluoride Salt Systems" Slides

Nov. 30 - Brian White, "sCO2 Cycle Modeling for Integrated Nuclear + CSP" Slides

Dec. 7 - Gunnar Maples, "Heat Sink Modeling and Testing"

Dec. 14 - Jacob Wenner, "Hybrid Generator Test Facility" (NOTE - moved to ME 3121) Slides

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